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Wish I Was Here Soundtrack

A new Weepies tune called "Mend" is in the Zach Braff Film "Wish I Was Here!"  Also appearing on the soundtrack are Paul Simon, Coldplay, Cat Power, Bon Iver, the Shins...get it on ITunes, Amazon, or anywhere music is sold!

Cancer Free

After 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery, Deb Talan is officially in remission and cancer-free. Thank you for all of your support.  Taking a few weeks to heal up, and then we'll be back at it. 

Deb Talan in treatment for cancer

Hi Everyone.  In December Deb Talan was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer. She began chemotherapy on New Year's Eve, and we expect treatment to last most of 2014.  We have a great team, and Deb's tough.  You can read periodic updates HERE.  Thank you all for your continued support. 

"Same Changes" in EPIC

The Weepies song "Same Changes" is featured in the new movie EPIC!

Deb Talan on Andrew Bayer track

Deb Talan is featured on a track called "You Are" on Andrew Bayer’s new album “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave.” Andrew sampled some of Deb’s vocals from many moons ago, mixed up some studio magic, and the result is mesmerizing.